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Erika Bierma


Erika Bierma is an attorney with the law firm of Stafford Rosenbaum LLP. Her practice includes both criminal and civil litigation, and she has significant experience representing both adults and juveniles. Prior to joining Stafford Rosenbaum, Erika was an Associate Federal Defender where she represented individuals accused of a wide range of serious federal crimes.

Erika believes in working to make the community stronger. She believes everyone is entitled to a zealous defense, which can also encompass drug and alcohol treatment, mental health treatment or other assistance. Through her work as a defense attorney, she has seen how addictions can drive people to commit crimes also how addiction can cause people to get lost in the criminal justice system.  She makes a point to learn as much about her client and their circumstances to help navigate them through the system. She is a past board member of Girls on the Run. She believes in advocating for nonconventional outcomes so that the people she represents receive the treatment they need to help with drug and alcohol addictions.