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Books written by friends.

My Life with Karma by Travis Sackett

Travis Sackett is resilience personified. Having overcome an abusive childhood, Travis went to college to study criminal justice, hoping to become an agent for change. While fulfilling this role, he was jaded by severe corruption in the system. During this time, Travis sustained an injury while training, resulting in an opioid addiction that led him to a life of crime. Through the help of his canine companion, he pulled himself up and out of the mud and began living his life again.

As a fully disabled individual, Travis refused to be held back by circumstances. He persevered and decided to share his story in his memoir My Life with Karma to increase empathy toward often-ignored populations that are forgotten or left without a voice.

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The Bar That Wasn't by Jim W. book cover

The Bar That Wasn’t: Journey of a Soul in Long-Term Recovery by Jim W.

The Bar That Wasn’t is a remarkable story of demoralization, struggle, and triumph as a twenty-seven-year-old husband and father begins a slog through the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to reach more than fifty-five years of uninterrupted recovery. It not only details the author’s personal experience but that of several others along the way from whom he learned to live a sober life. The key roles of therapy, faith, research, and love are all knitted into a tapestry of hope. Whether you are a recovering person just starting out or seasoned, a sponsor, loved one, therapist, doctor, pastor, researcher, student, or teacher, you can benefit from this unique, beautifully written story.

About Jim W.: Out of respect for A.A.’s Tradition of Anonymity, the author chooses not to include autobiographical material. He simply wants to be known as Jim W., a grateful recovering alcoholic — a man who got lucky.

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Waking up happy by jill muehrcke

A This first-of-a-kind book focuses on positive steps of recovery and change. Powerful and beautifully written, it describes turning points that changed people’s lives, and their secrets to waking up happy, along with exercises you can follow to create a new life for yourself. Featuring Recovery Foundation Founder Shelly Dutch.

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Our Mission

Provide financial support to individuals seeking or engaged in outpatient treatment for long-term recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders. Supported individuals will reside in or around Dane County, Wisconsin.

Educate community and improve awareness to remove the stigma related to substance abuse and mental health disorders that can stand as a barrier at every stage of recovery.

Support peer mentorship in the Dane County recovery community and treatment programs. Peer mentorship keeps individuals involved in active recovery longer, thus improving the individual’s rate of success while simultaneously assisting and engaging other individuals in early recovery.

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