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Outreach & Advocacy

Public Outreach, Education & Awareness

Through presentations to schools, community and business groups, the Recovery Foundation reaches out to help people to encourage understanding of:

  • substance use disorders abuse
  • the disease of addiction
  • harmful effects on individuals, families and communities
  • that long-term recovery is possible with support

Our presentations are conducted by professionals or individuals in long term recovery who discuss how alcohol and drug use abuse has affected their lives. Our speakers also share information on the science of addiction, drug and alcohol prevention strategies, and strategies for recovery from substance abuse. Contact us to find out more about a presentation for your group.

Advocacy for Research

Practice of Evidence-Based Recovery Services and Approaches

There is Hope for Those Struggling with Substance Abuse & mental health disorders

Research shows that treatment and recovery services work. We serve the public by providing advocacy and support for research into effective treatment and recovery approaches for individuals and families. Collaborating with others, we promote knowledge of research and best practices by hosting or organizing educational events for the public and for service providers.